"Guitar Rock"
48" x 72"
Refined Dermatology
Los Gatos, California

“Creating harmony, warmth and a reflection of life itself is my goal. Every painting that I create is done with the intention of providing the viewer with joy and happiness. Each painting reflects my love of life and nature. While my instincts guide me to be more practical with my creations, my free spirit takes over and my art develops into something more bold and creative than I would have imagined”.
-Jan Lord

Born and raised in Canada, Jan Lord studied art from the time she was in Grade School. During her childhood, she could be seen painting during the summer months in the beautiful parks in Vancouver, B.C. Throughout her career, she has studied under a variety of Canadian and American watercolor and acrylic artists.

Jan has found her total and unique style through many great instructors. Her techniques include acrylic and oil pastels, glazing, and adding a variety of elements such as aluminum, graphite, paper, iron, nuts and bolts.

Jan’s art can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Jan’s true inspiration comes from music, the rhythm and words will have an emotional effect and transmit in the art, as well, forms and shapes of people will appear. Her abstract work is known for its layered color fields and textured surfaces. She specializes in working with oils, acrylics, charcoal, graphite and mixed media on wood panels.

“Art Without Emotion is Inadequate”

Jan Lord

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"I was recently on a camping trip in Carmel. The absolute highlight of my trip was wandering into a gallery and seeing your work. Brought tears to my eyes, the pieces were gorgeous. Moving. Textured. So rich. I know very little about art (formally), save for my favorite high school art class and teacher and some dabbling I do here and there, but I know what I feel. I felt each piece I experienced. thank you for creating." - April Strongarone